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The "10 in 2" Tour - 2009
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Chicago Tour - 2017
WBT X - Iowa - 2018

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Ale Asylum - Madison - our first stop is "almost redundant" - we stopped at Ale Asylum as part of our first tour, but they were at their old location on Hwy 51. Their new faciltiy is sure a step up - Great restaurant and patio, with the selection of great beer that you'd expect. The faves this stop we're primarily the IPAs - Dr Vennum (great citrus elements), Tears of my Enemies (Lori even liked it), and Velveteen Habit!

Karben 4 - Madison - Karben 4, not really the new kid on the block any more, has established themselves as a real player. With solid IPAs such as Fantasy Factory and Idiot Farm, they are worth seeking out. Karben 4 is in the old Ale Asylum facility on Hwy 51. A peek behind the curtains reveals equipment that was once used by Lagunitas, then Ale Asylum. Tried and true! Want to play "giant spoons"? This is the place!

Not every stop is a winner. Our first destination in Chicago was actually a non-destination. While they came up ont he map, Lake Effect Brewing is a small production facility - no visitors - no taproom - no fun.

Revolution Brewing - Now we're talking! Their Double Fist IIPA, 1Zenough IIPA, Tropical Hero, Citra Hero, and Office Supplies (alt) were at the top of the list. Great place for lunch too!

Goose Island Brewing - The big Budweiser semi backing in might be your first signal that this brewery is part of a much bigger machine. Goose Island was one of the first in the wave of big breweries acquiring regional craft brewers. They still hold their own and offer some nice beers in the tap room that you won't find in the stores - All Zeros Belgian Golden Strong Ale (yum), old Man Grumpy Pale Ale, and the summertime Kolsch scored well!

And yes, we found THE BEAN - and the beautiful river walk at night!

Half Acre Beer Company - Dinner at Half Acre and a walk along the River m. Joined by Conor Malaney and his friend Kevin. A variety of IPAs, and a strange ( not bad) triple IPA with heavy plum notes.

We missed our treasurer Jim LaPoint as the treasury ran dry well before dinner...

Lagunitas Brewing - One of the most fun tours, thanks to our entertaining tour guide. Yes, Lagunitas is now part of the Heineken family, but they still kick out some awesome beer. Their new-ish facility in Chicago was once a movie set (including warehouse shots for Batman - the Dark Night.

They have a large, very welcoming and energetic tap room/restaurant. Great taps - Born Again Yesterday - wet hopped IPA, Day Time session IPA and a firkin special peppered sour - something for everybody!

And my favorite quote from a tour guide? -- "As an employer, Lagunitas does not drug test their employees.... so I'm having a good day!"