The Players

The "10 in 2" Tour - 2009
Northwoods Tour - 2010
Brew2 Tour - 2011
Minnesota Invasion! - 2012
Head East Tour - 2013
SXSW Tour - 2014
Metro Madness - 2015
Magic 8-Ball Tour - 2016
Chicago Tour - 2017
WBT X - Iowa - 2018

What Else
Is There?

Moore's Law
(16 in 2!)

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Great start to the Metro Madness Tour! Lunch at Northbound - a couple of distinct IPAs and a nicely smokey smoked porter!

Don't Ask.

Eastlake Brewing - you'll find almond milk stout and Devil's Kettle - a pretty tasty Belgian IPA. And staff wearing a shirt from our friends at Oliphant Brewing !

Harriet Brewing - great Belgian Ales and a nice clean Pilsner. And where else would you find someone with a bike equipped with a growler holder??

Freehouse For Dinner!

Fulton Brewing - busy place - Sweet Child of Vine IPA, and a bomber of some serious coffee stout.

First stop for Saturday - Surly! Hop shifter was a universal favorite. Lori went for the imperial Russian Stout. Lunch was delicious!

Dangerous Man - hugely popular - line forming at the door. Imperial Golden Rose Ale on Nitro - very smooth!

Indeed Brewing - Great Patio - nice place to hang out.

BauHaus - awesome warehouse vibe - lots of people - all ages. Lots of fun, but the beer was not overly inspired. Hand-crafted sodas were a hit!

612 - a little more laid back - nice rye IPA, and a surprisingly good grapefruit radler. Food truck outside - Good to go!

Brunch at Day Block Brewing made a great conclusion to Tour Weekend. A couple bacon flights followed by brunch pizzas ranging from "Burrito Truck" to "Eggs in Osaka". They went well with a crisp Citra IPA.