The Players

The "10 in 2" Tour - 2009

Northwoods Tour - 2010

Brew2 Tour - 2011

Minnesota Invasion! - 2012

Head East Tour - 2013

SXSW Tour - 2014

Metro Madness - 2015

Magic 8-Ball Tour - 2016

What Else
Is There?

Moore's Law
(16 in 2!)

Share Your
Brewery Story

So, who are we? If you share an affection for beer, we're just like you!


Steve & Lori
The instigators of this adventure.


Jim & Kari
Jim has a laser-like focus on his beverages. Kari's a gardener-extraordinaire. If we could get her to start growing hops...


Joe & Faye
Joe - The only one of us man enough to spend an entire semester pubbing in Scotland. Faye - well, she didn't even know she liked beer until she tried it in Scotland.


Dan & Jan
Dan - computer programmer by day, brewer by night. Jan - the one girl in the group who truly loves beer!