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So, you don't think you have the time to hit 10 breweries across the state of Wisconsin? No worries! Pick a couple in close proximity and call it a day! We focused on the lower half of the state for our "10 in 2" tour in 2009 so we wanted to hit northern Wisconsin for our mid-winter break (which also lends itself to some snowmobiling afterward). Heading north on Highway 51, we sought out the Great Dane in Wausau and the Minocqua Brewing Company about an hour further north. We set our rating cards aside and just enjoyed some good food and great beer!
The Great Dane, Wausau WI
The Great Dane in Wausau, the fourth in the Great Dane family, provided a great dinner stop. We enjoyed a few pints, including their Emerald Isle Stout, Speedway IPA, and the Kolsh seasonal brew. Thumbs up all around. Their food menu compliments the beer quite well from jerk wings to an array of burgers to great ribs.

The Wausau facility originated as "Hereford & Hops" but was purchased and opened as the Great Dane in May 2009. The decor is very comfortable and we had the pleasure of dining right in front of the fermenter tanks. What a great view!
Minocqua Brewing Company, Minocqua WI
Trekking straight north on Highway 51, we arrived at Minocqua Brewing Company for a nightcap. Some of us had been there before to enjoy the beer and food, with a great little restaurant in their lower level. We were pleasantly surprised to find a new lounge, Divano, open in the upper level. A fire in the brewery a few years ago left the entire facility closed for a time. It was restored and the lower level opened first, now joined by the distinctive lounge upstairs.

Divano offers a great atmosphere, unique for a brewery. The decor is sophisticated and softly lit, offering a very relaxing place to spend some time.
Toward the back, large windows offer a great view of the lake, and furniture is arranged in conversation areas - great for a group our size. We sampled their Pale Ale and Scotch Ale, and enjoyed them thoroughly. A few of the ladies departed from the beer menu and tried chocolate martinis and a Bahama Mama. Again, smiles all around.

We arrived too late for food (go early so you can enjoy the calamari downstairs), but they did offer some great wine infused truffles. They also have truffles laced with some of their brews.
We hope you'll make your own brewery adventure, whether it's a tour of ten breweries, two, or even a single stop. Wisconsin is missing it's big brewers of yesteryear, but we have a great selection of craft brewers that are renewing our reputation for great beer.

Seek out something you find tasty and share your story with us!