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Magic 8-Ball Tour - 2016!

Our 8th tour! This year we hit the St Paul area and found some great spots.

From Bad Weather to Bang Brewing, a good time was had by all.

We also gained our first corporate sponsor! Read on....

  Greatwaters Brewing

Thinking we couldn't live on beer alone, we started with tasty lunch at Greatwaters Brewing. Lori found a Scotch Ale that she's ready to go back for. Decent beer offerings, though a little middle-of-the-road.
  Summit Brewing

Summit was a great surprise. Because of their growth and size, we thought they might be outside of our "target" for craft brewing. We were wrong!

In addition to their standard offerings, we had Zingiber Cream Ale - lightly spiced - good summer beer. Also a soon to be released double IPA!

Summit Minnesota's second oldest continually operated brewery. They put out 122,000 barrels a year.

Our first corporate sponsor! OK, in actuality, our windfall was in the form of beer tokens, but hey - the first financial support we've received from a brewery - we're on a roll!

Thanks, Tom!

Technically, we visited Tin Wiskers. However, the door was open but they weren't serving yet, and we were turned away empty-handed.

... our first declination.
  Bad Weather Brewing Company

Bad Weather had a real comfortable tap room - a nice place to hang out, play games, and enjoy. Hoo Cromancer is a great IPA. Windvane Red IPA got the thumbs up too!
  Flat Earth Brewing

What do you find when you drive into an area of St Paul that is ready to be reborn, but doesn't look like it's quite made it yet? A great surprise! Flat Earth, while a little rough on the outside, is an incredibly eclectic place with funky decor, a fun vibe, and very friendly people!

Special thanks to Mark and Tony for the Hospitality. Angry Planet, Belgian Style, Black Helicopter, Cygnus Porter were enjoyed!

Jim tries a retro selfie.
  Lake Monster Brewing

We enjoyed the Serpent Summer Ale, Empty Rowboat IPA, oatmeal Smoked Porter.

Another fun taproom that invites you to hang out and have a good time!
Urban Growler and Bang Brewing

On our way home, we stopped by a couple of familiar spots. Urban Growler and Bang Brewing close neighbors and make for a nice stroll from brewery to brewery. Hanging out outside Bang Brewing, we were joined by some new friends - isn't that what it's all about?