The Players

The "10 in 2" Tour - 2009
Northwoods Tour - 2010
Brew2 Tour - 2011
Minnesota Invasion! - 2012
Head East Tour - 2013
SXSW Tour - 2014
Metro Madness - 2015
Magic 8-Ball Tour - 2016
Chicago Tour - 2017
WBT X - Iowa - 2018

What Else
Is There?

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What Else Is There?

There are endless beer resources out there - they're all worth a look or a listen (beer podcasts? YES!!).

Madison Beer Review

Madison Beer Review is an awesome site from Madison, WIsconsin with a wealth of information about all aspects of the industry, from the business end to beer reviews. You have to check out the "Beer Talk Today" section - downloadable podcasts so you can enjoy beer discussions while you are on-the-go!
Hop Head Beer Tours
If you aren't ready to organize your own tour, contact Hop Head Beer Tours. Join one of their tours of midwests breweries in the Madison, Milwaukee, or Chicago areas. More regions are being added!
Beer Advocate - loaded with beer blogs, discussions, exchange programs and a providers of a decent beer magazine by the same name.

Beer Me! includes a long inventory of beers from around the world, links to beer mapping sites, and a fun-to-look-at collection of images of beer mats, labels, and breweries.
beerwarsmovie.com - A movie releasing on April 16th - looks like a good documentary on the industry battles, including the big guys and the little guys. Check their website for additional trailers, promotions regarding the release, and links to theaters featuring the film.

99 Bottles - Documentary
"99 Bottles" is a documentary by Haptic Vision that features many of the breweries and brewpubs on our tour, not to mention at least one slated for the "Northwoods Tour 2010". Originally screened in 2008 in Madison and Milwaukee, DVDs are available at Ale Asylum in Madison and Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee.
Contact us: info@wisconsinbrewerytour.com