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Moore's Law
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Beer means different things to different people. Ask ten people to think of beer, and you'll have ten different thoughts. Some will think of ales, some will think of lagers. They might think of their favorites, or they might think of a variety of taste treats.

If you ask us, we'll be thinking of an opportunity for an adventure.

Beer is certainly part of Wisconsin's heritage. The state has been home to many large breweries in the past. That landscape has changed, and some of it has faded away. The beauty, however, is that many new breweries and brewpubs are part of the Wisconsin landscape. Wisconsin's healthy craft brewing industry provides a wide variety of flavors and varieties for our enjoyment.

We've all enjoyed a good Wisconsin brew from time to time. But, much like tracing one's own roots, we share a desire to see where these great beers come from. That leads us to our adventures.

Please share our trips around Wisconsin and, now, Minnesota. But more importantly, share your own stories! "Like" us on facebook and share your own brewery visits and tours. Or, email us using the link below and we'll share your tour notes. We're in this together!

If you are a brewer and would like to be included in a future tour, let us know!

We assembled a group of eight beer lovers that were eager to visit as many breweries and brewpubs as we could in a weekend, and see what Wisconsin has to offer. You've heard of eco-tourism. We embarked on beer-tourism.

If we haven't visited your brewery in Wisconsin yet, contact us and let us know about it. We'd like to see it!

2017 takes us to Wisconsin's southern suburb - Chicago!
Will we re-connect with the creator of Moore's Law (read on)?
Time will tell!

Where have we been?

1. Rush River Brewing, River Falls
2. Northwoods Brewpub, Eau Claire
3. Leinenkugel Brewing, Chippewa Falls
4. Sand Creek Brewing, Black River Falls
5. Grumpy Troll Brewpub, Mt. Horeb
6. New Glarus Brewery, New Glarus
7. Capital Brewery, Middleton
8. Ale Asylum, Madison
9. Tyranena, Lake Mills
10. Great Dane, Madison
11. Great Dane, Wausau
12. Minocqua Brewing Co, Minocqua

13. Dave's BrewFarm, Wilson
14. Lucette Brewing, Menomonie
15. Red Eye Brewing Co., Wausau
16. Central Waters, Amherst
17. Milwaukee Ale House, Miwaukee
18. Rock Bottom Brewery, Milwaukee
19. Sprecher's Brewing Co, Glendale
20. Lakefront Brewing, Milwaukee
21. O'so Brewing, Plover *
22. Hinterland Brewing, Green Bay *
23. Titletown Brewing, Green Bay *
24. Shipwrecked Brewery, Egg Harbor *

.. and more...

Moore's Law - Did Scot Moore tour 16 breweries in 2 days?

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